Fort Caroline sellers market rages on, but where is the market headed next?

July 14, 2022


The beginning of the pandemic set off an unexpected sellers market nationwide, and Fort Caroline is no exception! Fort Caroline sellers have enjoyed a few years of record price growth and buyer demand like no other!

fort caroline sales prices

Over the past 5 years, Fort Caroline home sale prices have nearly doubled to the current average of $355,000, and homes are currently selling in just 19 days!

Fort Caroline is a lovely community in southeast Jacksonville, along the banks of the St. Johns River. Most of Fort Caroline is accessible easily off the Wonderwood Connector, leading to the Wonderwood Bridge which connects the area with the Beaches Communities (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach), as well as Mayport Naval Station. Fort Caroline  offers a tremendous variety of homes, from starter townhomes, to gorgeous riverfront mansions. The area offers rich history, plenty of open space, St. Johns Riverfront, and easy access to all the amenities Jacksonville has to offer!

It’s no wonder Fort Caroline is experiencing tremendous growth!

While prices have recently skyrocketed, all good things must eventually come to an end. Recent mortgage rate increases and increasing inventory have cooled the Jacksonville market some.  Inflation nationwide is hurting the buying power of home buyers. Foreclosures have also recently resumed after a 1.5 year government ordered moratorium, which will bring more distressed inventory to market. This should also help ease inventory shortages, bringing downward pressure on the Fort Caroline market, along with all of Jacksonville.

How does this affect your Fort Caroline home sale?

While you can only ever see the peak of the market in hindsight, all signs point to an imminent market shift. But it’s not too late to catch the soaring sellers market still happening right now! If you’re looking to sell at the top – NOW IS THE TIME!